St.Catherine Monastery

The oldest active monastery in the world opens its doors for visitors. In this sacred place you’ll see how the biblical stories come alive.

St. Catherine Monastery is located at the foot of the Moses Mount in Sinai Desert. Your way  to it will lie from Sharm to Dahab and then by winding road with attractive desert landscapes. You’ll pass by wadies and dunes, you’ll see colorful Sinai rocks before entering  Wadi el Dier. Here almost 2000 years monks are taking care about the Old Testament relics of the Christian world. The history of monastery started from 330 AD when Saint Helena, Emperor Constantine’s mother, founded a church at the site of the Burning Bush. Centuries passed but no one of military or religious conflicts have not destroyed this holy place.

And even now your guide will show you the Burning Bush in chapel that was in flame  but not burned  when the God appeared to Moses and ordered him to take away Jews from  Egypt to Canaan.

Also you will visit all attractive places in the Monastery – the Old Refectory, the Well of Moses, the Basilica of the Transfiguration, chapels, ossuary and cemetery. The informative story of your guide will allow you to understand the historical significance of each of these places.

After official part of excursion you’ll have free time to take pictures and visit the museum (for extra fee) of the monastery with its famous library. Here the second by size collection of ancient manuscripts after  the Vatican Library is presented . The icon collection includes  more than 2000 works, some of them with extremely unique value as they related to the 5-7-th centuries . In the other parts of the world during this period almost all representations of religious figures in icons, mosaics and wall paintings were removed or destroyed as this form of art considered to be heretical.

After hours spent in Saint Catherine Monastery you will enjoy entertainment part of the tour – you’ll visit Dahab with its authentic relaxing lifestyle, have a lunch in one of its cozy restaurants and go shopping.

Up to 5 PM we’ll drive you back to the hotel.

Enjoy this excursion on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Time 8.30 AM – 5.00 PM

Sale Price :

  • Adults 40 Euro
  • Kids up to 12 years 20 Euro

What’s included:

  • All transfer during excursion
  • Lunch
  • English speaking guide

What’s excluded:

  • Drinks in lunch time
  • Entrance fee to the museum of the monastery
  • Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Your personal expenses for souvenirs

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