Cairo & Alexandria by plane over night

Illuminative tour to two largest cities in Egypt – each with unique culture features and plenty of attractions!

During this trip your strong will to discover something new in every minute and local airlines will help you to fill your time with marvelous experience.


You will start from transfer to airport, then you have 1-hour flight and welcome to Cairo! In airport you’ll get acquainted with your personal Egyptologist – English speaking guide – who will follow you up to the end of the day. Two main places of interest in Cairo – the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities and Giza Pyramids – you’ll investigate this historical day in your life. Why historical you may ask? Confidently to go in touch with ancient treasures of Egyptian culture, come inside one of the World Wonders – this is a real gift you could find once in your life. Of course you may know a lot of people who visit Pyramids and Sphinx several times but the first one is always something unbelievable.

In the morning you’ll come to Egyptian Museum. In its specially designed dozens of halls you’ll find treasures of Pharaonic tombs, thousand years old papyruses. No one will pass by mummies and reenactment of the Egyptians’ life style in the New Kingdom.

You can take 10-minutes walk to enjoy sightseeing across down town and make short cruise along Nile (for extra fee) or drive by bus to restaurant. Share photos with friends during lunch. Have a short rest and go straight to undiscovered secrets of Pyramids.

You’ll visit 3 the most famous Pyramids in the world – Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. Optionally for additional fee you could go inside one of their small brothers – Hetepheres, Meret-ites or Henut-sen. Everybody enjoy playing with perspective on photos between Pyramids or with Sphinx. Find the example how to make this on the main page of our website.

After you imagine yourself archaeologist like from “The Mummy” movie this is not the finish of your day story. You also will visit Papyrus Institute where whole process of papyrus production will be shown to you. Bring special souvenirs from this stop to your friends.

After shopping we’ll take you to the Pyramids Hotel. Common way to check in is double room. But single room is also available for 15$ extra fee. Half board.

After dinner you’ll have a free time for walking along narrow streets of Old Cairo and get an idea how to while away the evening traditionally like Egyptians or expats.


Early morning take your breakfast box and start 3 hours bus trip to Alexandria. Did you become mates with your guide? Good news – he will join you in your over day excursion to this former center of the Hellenistic civilization.

Your first stop will be the Graeco-Roman Museum with wide collection of mummies, sarcophagus, tapestries, mosaics, woodworks, coins  and sculptures illustrates the contact of Graeco-Roman civilization with Egypt. You will explore the findings of excavations provided at the beginning of the century in Fayoum and Benhasa.

The second stop – the Bibliotheca Alexandrina completed in 2002 in commemoration of the lost Royal or Ancient Library of Alexandria. Now it’s the major cultural and science center on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea with striking collection of Arabic, English and French books, museums, art galleries for temporary and permanent expositions, a planetarium and a manuscript restoration laboratory.

The Hellenic tour will be finished by lunch.

The third stop is the Catacombs of Kom-Shukafa – one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. Here the necropolis will open to your view with tombs, statues and archaeological objects of the Pharaonic times with Hellenistic and Roman influences. The most horrific hall of the catacombs is the so-called Hall of Caracalla. Because this is a place of mass burial chamber for people and animals sacrificed by order of the emperor Caracalla in 215 AD.

The fourth stop is the Alexandria Amphitheater (Kom el-Dikka) –  the only known Roman amphitheater in Egypt. Current excavations at the edge of the site have uncovered Roman baths, lecture halls, and a small village, the centerpiece of which is the Villa of the Birds, a large house filled with beautiful mosaics.

Fifth stop – Pompey’s Pillar – a Roman triumphal column, that is the only known free-standing not composed column in Roman Egypt. It is one of the largest monolithic columns ever erected.

Is it enough – five unforgettable stops to train your historical mood? Sure it is.

At the end of all excursions we’ll transfer you to Alexandria or Cairo airport. In approximately to hours you’ll be back in your hotel in Sharm. But after this tour your mind will become another forever.

Enjoy this excursion on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday by charter flight or everyday by regular flight (but the price could be higher). Duration of the tour – 2 days

Time 4.00 AM – 8.30 PM (2 days)

Sale Price :

  • Adults 250 Euro
  • Kids up to 12 years 240 Euro

What’s included:

  • All transfer during excursion including airtickets
  • Entrance fee to all museums.
  • All food during 2-days trip
  • 4 stars hotel, HB
  • English speaking guide

What’s excluded:

  • Entrance fee to the mummy hall in the Egyptian museum.
  • Entrance fee to go inside pyramids.
  • Drinks in lunch time.
  • Nile boat trip.
  • Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Your personal expenses for souvenirs

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